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6th Annual 2021 One-Stop System Convening

Resilience: the courage to come back.

“Bouncing Forward”



One-Stop Convening Main Slides: One-Stop Convening Resources | Hope Ellsworth, One-Stop Operator

Bouncing Forward: Creating a Recipe for Hope & Resilience | Debra L. Berke, Director of Psychology Programs & the Center for Prevention Science, Wilmington University

What do bouncing forward and recipes have in common? How can we apply the concepts of
rebounding and cooking to hope and resilience? This presentation will encourage participants to
think about what it means to encounter stress and trauma, particularly in these challenging
syndemic (multiple crises) times, and how stress and trauma might facilitate growth or “bouncing
forward” towards hope and resilience. We’ll talk about what it means to have hope in trying
circumstances and how resilience can be a tool or resource. Because recipes are not a “one size
fits all,” and not all people “bounce forward” with the same trajectory or speed, we will explore
multiple ways of developing “recipes” for enhancing hope and resilience that can be
individualized to meet our needs and/or circumstances.

“Helping the Helpers: Leveraging Mental Health Supports for Organizations During COVID-19 & Beyond” Shana Powell, Specialized Clinical Services Program Manager, Delaware Guidance Services | Stephanie Proctor, Family-Based Clinical Supervisor, Delaware Guidance Services | Katherine Judge, School-Based Social Worker, Delaware Guidance Services | Lori Pritchett, Sussex County Class Advisor, Delaware Futures | DaRon Smith, New Castle County/Wilmington Class Advisor, Delaware Futures

Join us for a panel discussion to learn how two local organizations came together to support youth and staff mental health in the midst of a global pandemic, a racial justice movement, and a year of unpredictable changes. You’ll hear from program team members of Delaware Futures, whose mission is to provide academic, social, and motivational support to help students graduate from high school and transition into post-secondary education and employment, as well as Clinical Staff from Delaware Guidance Services. We’ll talk about how we came together to support students’ mental health, how we navigated an unprecedented pandemic, and how we moved from survival into resilience. You’ll learn practical tips for taking care of yourself and others and won’t want to miss this important conversation!

Keynote Address: Bounce Forward with Strategies for Workforce Development
| Darrell “Coach D” Andrews
This presentation is designed to provide specific strategies as workforce development providers to inspire our clients towards workplace success during the pandemic. Coach D will infuse power and hope to attendees. He is well aware of the daily and past struggles in our field and will provide us with fundamental world tools needed to “Bounce Forward.”

Workshop Handouts

Bouncing Forward: Creating a Recipe for Hope & Resilience

Jobseeker Testimonials

Five job seekers and learners will share their successes during the challenges of 2020. Be aware some of the videos have low audio, so you may have to increase the volume.

  • Shana Jarrett: Wilmington University Student (Dean’s List); GED completer, Red Clay Center; employed at Dupont (Veltec Div.)
  • Emmanuel Ndifor: Student of James H. Groves Adult High School, Red Clay Center; employed at the US Census Bureau
  • Jhayden Holloman & Shamaya Young
    • Jhayden Holloman: Pathways to Success student (graduating this year); accepted into Morgan State University
    • Shamaya Young – Pathways to Success graduate & intern; maintained a 4.0 at Delaware State University in 2020
  • Daisy Becerra: Delaware Futures student; currently a Nursing Program student at Delaware State University

Working from Home Tech Tips”



“Using Google Drive to be Digitally Organized” | Joanne Chandler, ACE Network
Learn and find resources to keep you organized within your Google Drive. Your “My Drive” is a perfect place to store documents and files from other devices or collaborators to one centralized web location. In addition, we will explore Google Apps like Docs, Sheets, and Slides demonstrating the ease of sharing files to increase your digital organization

“Documentation Made Easier” | Kamarya Edwards, Delaware Futures
Soon paper documents will be the thing of the past! This workshop will provide tips and tricks on how to effectively use ADOBE to benefit your agency’s documentation. Together we will learn how to continue the use of documentation electronically.

“You Didn’t Pay for That, Did Ya?” |William Potter, Delaware Workforce Development Board
Bill will discuss his favorite free web-based apps to make working online easier. Topics covered include project management; whiteboards; podcasting; audio and visual editing; hidden gems in Google; PDF translators; and zip files.

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