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The Delaware Workforce Development Board strives to have a structured employer engagement strategy to close the skills gap experienced by employers and create diverse employment opportunities for the residents of Delaware. Connect with our Business Engagement Team:

Industry-Specific Talent Pipeline

Delaware Workforce Development Board invests in training programs across high-growth, high-demand industries. With programming in tech, healthcare, energy, construction, and more, we’re training talent to fill your jobs.

Employer Resources

Delaware Workforce Development Board connects employers to resources across the state to address workforce barriers.

Employer Engagement

Delaware Workforce Development Board has partnerships with stakeholders that enables a more agile, collaborative, and equitable approach to workforce development. This approach allows for the co-creation of training programs based on employment opportunities, increased emphasis on skill competencies and industry credentials, provides more employer-led and customized training to upskill workers, and supports employers by addressing shared workforce concerns.