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Volunteers & Interns: Job Description

Job Description

  • Orientation Meetings: You will help with the running of our client orientation meetings. In these meetings, we explain to new clients what pardons and expungements are, what the application process involves, and how APEX can help them. You will assist with setting up the orientation, presenting the information, answering any questions that the clients have, and instructing clients on the next steps.
  • Criminal History Reviews: When clients first receive their State Criminal History Report, you will meet one-on-one with them to review their criminal record. You will help them to understand what is on the record, and explain the next steps in the process.
  • Application Interviews: We meet one-on-one with clients to help them develop a full and detailed pardon application. You will help the clients to tell their stories, explain how they have changed for the better, and discuss why they are seeking a pardon. You will also assemble and organize the clients’ paperwork, and ensure that they have all of the documents that they need.
  • Hearing Preparation: Before clients appear for their hearing, we bring them to observe other pardon hearings. You will accompany the clients to these hearings, discuss the proceedings with them, and answer their questions.
  • Pardon Hearings: You will accompany our clients to their pardon hearings in order to give them support and ensure that they are confident and ready.
  • Communications & Scheduling: You will call clients to follow up on their progress, answer their questions, and schedule appointments.


    • You must be willing to devote hard work and effort to the program, to make yourself available on a regular, and to be punctual.
    • We require volunteers to have strong typing abilities. Volunteers must also be proficient in basic computer programs, and be able to learn new tasks and functions on the computer.
    • We seek volunteers who have experience working directly with clients, (preferably in the human/social services field), or who have education in human/social services or a related field. It is crucial that our volunteers have a good rapport with clients, and feel comfortable providing one-on-one support to them.
    • Our volunteers must review complicated documents, which can be difficult to understand. As such, we need volunteers who are highly literate and analytical, and able to carefully examine and organize legal documents.

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