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Instructions for Obtaining DVDs

Mailing of DVD’s shall be prohibited

Ordering DVD’s

The Consultation Office has an extensive DVD library for free usage by employers. Our library covers a wide variety of safety and health topics and can be helpful as a supplement to formal workplace training. Major topics include hazard recognition and control, hazard communication, machine guarding, lockout/tagout, working safely with hazardous materials, construction safety, personal protective equipment, and more. Please contact our office directly for a full list of DVD’s. Contact information and instructions for requesting DVD’s can be found below.

If you’d like to request a DVD from our library, fill out this form.

Phone call or e-mail, please provide:

  • Requestors Name
  • Business Name
  • Phone Number
  • DVD Title(s)
  • Desired Department of Labor location to be loaned

Phone: (302) 451-3421

All DVD’s shall be loaned and returned in person by the requestor to the Delaware Department of Labor’s Office of Safety and Health Consultation, located at:

  • 252 Chapman Road, Suite 210, Christiana Building, Newark, DE 19702

Requestors shall be required to complete and comply with the policy statement within the Request for DVD form and present the completed form in person to a representative of the Office of Safety and Health Consultation at the specified location.

Requestor shall present their motor vehicle operators license to the Department of Labor representative when picking up and returning loaned DVD’s. The Department of Labor representative shall be permitted to photocopy the operator’s license and attach the photocopy to the completed request form.

Loaning of DVD’s shall not exceed fourteen (14) calendar days.

Requestor shall phone the applicable Department of Labor Office to schedule a time and date to return the loaned DVD. Contact information:

  • 252 Chapman Road, Suite 210, Christiana Building, Newark, DE 19702
    (302) 451-3421

NOTE: All DVD’s are property of the State of Delaware. DVD’s not returned by the specified due date shall be considered as theft by the Delaware Department of Labor in and for the State of Delaware. Requestor’s name, contact information and a description of the missing state property shall be turned over to the applicable law enforcement agency for criminal prosecution as described by statutory law within Title 11, Crimes and Criminal Procedure, Delaware Criminal Code.

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