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Unemployment Insurance Fraud Hotline

If you believe you are a victim of ID theft, please email

PLEASE be prepared to provide the following:
• Brief description of the issue
• Full Name
• Mailing Address
• Best contact phone number
• Last 4 digits of your social

Please be patient. We understand that this is a stressful circumstance. With the increased benefits filing, there has also been an increase in fraudulent claims. We are trying our best to understand each case we receive and investigate it fully, as well as protect your benefits and information. Please do not send multiple emails or attempt to call or leave messages in addition to sending the email. Your report is being tracked and our team will do our best for you.

In addition to sending the email as described above, you can go to for other steps to take.

To be sure that we are able to adequately conduct an investigation, please provide as much of the following information as possible. If you do not know the answer, don’t worry; just tell us what you do know.

  • Who is committing unemployment insurance program fraud?
  • What is their full address?
  • What is the individual’s Social Security Number?
  • What is the individual’s telephone number?
  • What is the individual doing? For example, is the individual working, running a business, not actively seeking work, unable to work, etc.?
  • When did they start doing this?
  • If the individual is working, what is the employer’s name/name of business?
  • Where is the employer located?
  • What is the employer’s address and telephone number?
  • Optional: What is your name, address and phone number?

Fraud FAQ’s

Click on each box below for more information.

Unemployment insurance (UI) fraud can involve different schemes. Some claimants knowingly submit false information to obtain or increase unemployment benefits or continue to collect benefits when knowing that they are no longer eligible. Some claimants intentionally don’t report wages or income while collecting benefits. Additionally, identity theft may result in UI fraud when a stolen identity is used to obtain benefits.

  • Never give out your personal information over email or text message.
  • Don’t wire money, and always ignore the following requests:
    • Communications related to your UI benefits from someone asking for money
    • Someone who says they can help you file for your UI benefits for a fee
    • Anyone claiming to work for Delaware who says they need a fee to complete your application.
  • Don’t open or respond to unsolicited emails or text messages.
  • Never give out your personal information on websites or social media channels – especially those that claim they can help you apply for UI benefits; third parties can’t apply for your benefits.
  • Don’t trust or rely on UI info from unofficial websites – always visit for Delaware unemployment program information.
  • The Department may need to call you. If you file a claim, we will ask you for some personally identifiable information, including the last four digits of your Social Security number, when we call you, but we will not ask for your full SSN unless you call us.

The Department of Labor fraud division remains committed to aggressively preventing, identifying, and blocking UI scams. To do this we:

  • Cross-match data with other state agencies and other states to detect fraud activity
  • Work with the U.S. Department of Labor to prevent and detect fraudulent activities related to UI.
  • Take tips from the public.

If you suspect you are a victim of identity theft, report the information to the Department of Labor, your local police department, and the Federal Trade Commission. Additional information can be found at:

To report if someone has filed for UI benefits using your personal information (name, Social Security Number, and/or date of birth) without your consent, please email DOL at Please be prepared to provide the following information:

  • Brief description of the issue
  • Full Name
  • Mailing Address
  • Best contact phone number
  • Last 4 digits of your social

After you have emailed DOL:

  • File a police report with the municipality in which you resided at the time the unemployment benefits in question were paid. A copy of the police report must be provided to DOL
  • Place a fraud alert on your credit reports and review your credit reports periodically to ensure no new fraudulent activity has occurred.
  • Close the accounts that you know or believe have been tampered with or opened fraudulently.
  • Request your free credit reports and review them for other fraudulent activities.
  • Take tips from the public.

Anyone who receives a paper check in the mail or a direct deposit and did not file for unemployment benefits in Delaware should not cash the checks or otherwise use the funds. Cashing the checks knowing that you have not applied for UI benefits may be deemed fraud and repayment will be required. The checks and any deposited funds should be returned to the Department of Labor.

You can fax, mail, or drop off copies of the necessary documentation:

  • Fax: 302 761 6654
  • Mail: Benefit Payment Control Unit
    P O Box 9950
    Wilmington, DE 19899
  • Drop Off Box: 4425 N Market St, Wilmington, DE 19802

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