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Unemployment Insurance Fraud Hotline

If you are aware of someone fraudulently collecting unemployment insurance benefits, please call the Unemployment Insurance Fraud Hotline at (302) 761-8397.

To be sure that we are able to adequately conduct an investigation, please provide as much of the following information as possible. If you do not know the answer, don’t worry; just tell us what you do know.

  • Who is committing unemployment insurance program fraud?
  • What is their full address?
  • What is the individual’s Social Security Number?
  • What is the individual’s telephone number?
  • What is the individual doing? For example, is the individual working, running a business, not actively seeking work, unable to work, etc.?
  • When did they start doing this?
  • If the individual is working, what is the employer’s name/name of business?
  • Where is the employer located?
  • What is the employer’s address and telephone number?
  • Optional: What is your name, address and phone number?

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