Forward Delaware

Moving Delaware's Workforce Forward.

About Forward Delaware

Forward Delaware is about “Moving Delaware’s Workforce Forward” – creating opportunities and developing skills in various industries so employers and employees can thrive. Forward Delaware focuses on training in high-demand occupations and growing industries with a goal of maximizing the first state’s workforce. These programs will be funded until 2025 to support long-term and short-term training that leads to a Nationally Recognized Credential, completion of bachelor’s degrees, and job placement. Giving employers and job seekers the opportunity to gain valuable skills, work opportunities, employer incentives, employee incentives, supportive services, and financial support while completing training.

Goals: The purpose of Forward Delaware is to engage both unemployed/underemployed Delaware workers and the business community to:

  • Expand access to short and long-term training for completion of a Nationally Recognized Credentials through participation in an approved Occupation Skills Training.
  • Allows for the completion of a bachelor’s degree for enrollees who have already earned at least 12 college credits toward their degree.
  • Provide sustainable resources that will allow clients enrolled in training to complete training with no impact to their financial stability.
  • Connect unemployed/underemployed Delawareans to jobs in industry high-demand occupations

History: The pandemic caused a massive shift in the economy and affected everyone in some capacity. Forward Delaware focused on rapid training, short-term training, “Rebuilding Delaware’s Workforce.”