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Process for Applying for a Limited Theatrical Exemption

The employer must forward in writing a Theatrical Exemption request to:

Dyron Green, Administrator
Labor Law Enforcement – Wage and Hour Section
4425 N. Market Street
Wilmington, DE 19802
Telephone: (302) 761-8323

The request must include the following information:

  • Name of Production
  • Rehearsal dates and times (schedule) for minors
  • Performance dates and times (schedule) for minors

Information for each minor and parent or guardian:

  • Minors and parent/guardian name
  • Parent telephone/cell number
  • Minor’s telephone/cell number if applicable
  • Address
  • Age
  • Date of Birth
  • Social security number

Work Permit Application
“Employer Information” and “Minor Information” must be completed.

The permit process must be completed prior to the issuance of the Limited Theatrical Exemption and prior to the start of the rehearsal.

All Limited Theatrical Exemption Permits must be validated by this office only: 4425 N. Market Street, Wilmington, DE 19802. The permit and original identification for the minor such as birth certificate, passport, school records, state identification, or license must be hand-delivered to this office. The minor is not required to be present in front of the Issuing Officer. A Labor Law Investigator will review the documentation, validate the permit, and notate on the permit that it is a Limited Theatrical Exemption.

Once all of the minors’ permits have been validated, this office will issue a sealed Certificate for the Limited Theatrical Exemption to be sent to the employer. The employer must have completed the above process 14 calendar days prior to the start of the rehearsal.This Certificate must be retained by the employer.

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