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Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation (PEUC) FAQs

Disclaimer: These FAQs are subject to change based on new information. Additionally, due to modifications of the UI program as a result of COVID-19 responses, many of the FAQs have modified answers. Please check back frequently. This website is not intended as legal advice. Any responses to specific questions are based on the facts as we understand them and the law that was current when the responses were written. They are not intended to apply to any other situations. This communication is not an agency order. If you need legal advice, you must consult an attorney.

Updated: 2020-09-14 17:00 EDT

The CARES Act creates a new temporary federal program called Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation (PEUC).

PEUC provides up to 13 weeks of additional unemployment benefits to individuals who have exhausted all rights to regular unemployment insurance benefits under Delaware law or federal law and have no entitlement to regular unemployment insurance benefits under any other state’s unemployment insurance law.

Who is eligible for PEUC?

You are eligible for PEUC if:

  • You exhausted your regular state or federal benefits after July 1, 2019;
  • You are not currently eligible for state or federal unemployment insurance benefits; and
  • You are able and available to work and actively seeking work, except in instances where COVID-19 has made it not possible, including illness, quarantine, or “stay at home” orders.

How do I know if I exhausted my benefits?

You have exhausted your benefits when:

  • You are not eligible for regular unemployment insurance benefits because you have received the maximum amount of these benefits available to you based on your employment or wages during your base period; or
  • our benefit year ended on or after July 1, 2019.

How do I file for PEUC?

If your UI claim exhausted or expired after 03/29/20 and you are currently receiving regular unemployment insurance benefits (UI), you must re-apply to create a PEUC claim in our (PUA) system. This step is required in order to receive the extended 13 weeks of unemployment insurance benefits.

Only after your traditional unemployment benefits (26 weeks) have exhausted can you re-apply for (PEUC).

To re-apply for the 13 weeks of extended benefits please visit

Mandatory Weekly Certifications

Once you’ve reapplied for PEUC in our PUA system, you will now satisfy your weekly certifications at Do not complete your weekly certifications by calling Telebenefits or Web Benefits as you were doing when receiving traditional UI benefits

You must visit to satisfy your weekly certification.

How much is the PEUC weekly benefit amount?

Your PEUC weekly benefit amount is the same as your prior UI weekly benefit amount. Your WBA is not recalculated. You will not receive a new monetary determination.

I heard everyone collecting regular unemployment insurance (UI) gets an extra $600.00 a week. Will I get that through PEUC?

Yes. All individuals collecting any type of unemployment insurance benefits in a week, including PEUC, will also receive $600.00 per week from the Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation (FPUC) program, up through the week ending July 25, 2020.

I exhausted my benefits before July 1, 2019 and have not worked since then. Am I eligible for PEUC?

No. However, you may be eligible for Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA). Please visit our PUA FAQ’s for information. You must file a traditional UI claim and be denied before filing for PUA.

I exhausted my benefits on or after July 1, 2019 and have not worked since then. Am I eligible for PEUC?

You may be eligible for 13 weeks of PEUC. Depending on when you last reported income, you may also be eligible for PUA after your PEUC eligibility ends. PUA provides benefits to those individuals who do not have enough wages in their base year to file a regular unemployment insurance benefits claim(UI) . Please visit our PUA FAQ’s for information.

I was collecting unemployment after July 1, 2019, but then went back to work. Now I am laid-off again. How many weeks of UC am I eligible for?

The PEUC program provides eligible individuals with up to 13 additional weeks of benefits when you have exhausted your regular unemployment insurance benefits (UI). You may be eligible for 39 total weeks of benefits (26 weeks of UI and 13 weeks of PEUC).

How long will PEUC be available?

PEUC is available through the week ending December 26, 2020. The additional $600 FPUC benefit is only available the week ending April 4, 2020 through the week ending July 25, 2020.

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