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Apprenticeship Benefits

From their first day of work, apprentices receive a paycheck that is guaranteed to increase as their training progresses.

Through a combination of practical hands-on career training and job-related instruction, apprentices “earn while they learn”. Fully-proficient workers that have completed a Registered Apprenticeship earn $50,000 per year on average, and over their careers, they will typically earn $300,000 more than non-apprenticeship workers.

Support for Delaware’s Apprenticeship programs are provided by the 2019-2022 Apprenticeship State Expansion (ASE) Grant awarded by the U.S. Department of Labor Employment and Training Administration. The overall funds of this grant total $714,251.37, of which federal funds comprise 100 percent.  The remaining 0 percent is comprised of local state, general, and special funds.

Once their apprenticeship is complete, workers are on their way to a successful long-term career with a competitive salary and little or no educational debt. Every graduate of an Apprenticeship program receives a nationally-recognized, portable credential that signifies that apprentices are fully qualified for the job, and which is accepted by industries and employers across the U.S.

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