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Division of Employment & Training – One-Stop System Referral Policy

The purpose of this policy/procedure is to establish a mechanism for referral among One-Stop partners.

There are two key directories that will make this possible:

  1. Directory of Services – This information, provided and maintained by the partners, consists of program description and a three-month schedule of available services. This will be available through Delaware JobLink (DJL).
  2. Directory of Program contacts – This information, provided by the partners, will consist of a single point of contact as well as an alternate.

Referrals will be made through a centralized referral unit located in the Division of Employment and Training. This unit will be staffed by two individuals, paid for by the Division of Employment & Training until an automated referral tool can be operationalized.

To make a referral to any partner program found at, complete the electronic form here.

The minimum information required for a referral is:

  • Clients name
  • Service/Workshop requested
  • Location requested
  • Choice of three dates requested
  • Staff requesting email and phone number

The unit staff can be reached by e-mail at or at either of the following telephone numbers: 302-530-7392 or 302-540-5673

The process will be as follows:

  1. The partner will notify the referral unit of the requested referral.
  2. The referral unit will notify the partner providing the service of the referral.
  3. The partner providing the service will accept the referral or provide the reason for the rejection.
  4. The referral unit will notify the referral partner of the status.
  5. The referral partner will provide the necessary information to the customer referred.
  6. The partner providing the service will notify the referral unit regarding whether the customer attended.
  7. The referral unit will notify the partner that made the referral whether the customer attended (this step closes the referral).

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