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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a disability you may qualify for DVR services if the disability presents an obstacle to obtaining or maintaining employment, and you are capable of being employed with the help of services provided by DVR.

If you receive Social Security Disability Benefits (SSDI) or Social Security Supplemental Benefits (SSI) It’s very important for you to understand how your benefits might be affected by returning to work. Information on Social Security and employment can be found either by calling a Benefits Specialist at your local DVR office or by checking the Social Security website.

If you are capable of employment in the workplace and need on-going support, the DVR supported employment program will help you find employment opportunities in the workplace by using on-site trainers or job coaches, who will come to the job site and help you learn to perform the duties on the job. At first, the job coach may work with you every day. Once you learn your job, the job coach will decrease the amount of time they spend working with you, but will continue to check in regularly to provide any needed support or assistance.

Most services through DVR are at no-cost. However, in some instances, you may be required to contribute the minimal cost of some services based upon your individual financial circumstances. Your DVR counselor will make this determination before a plan is developed.

You can refer yourself for services by calling any local DVR office and providing some basic information. A referral to DVR can also be made through other sources, such as school counselors, community rehabilitation programs, physicians, psychologists or psychologists.

DVR offers various services which may include assessment, counseling and guidance, information and referral, physical/mental restoration services, rehabilitation technology, skill training, job placement assistance, interpreter services, supported employment services, as well as others.

Yes. You are able to choose an employment goal that is consistent with your abilities and capabilities. This is generally identified through an assessment of your previous work history, evaluations of your skill sets, and information provided by you regarding your vocational interest. Working with your VR counselor, you will choose from among those employment opportunities that can be achieved with the support of DVR services.

The process takes as long as you need to achieve successful employment.

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