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Transition Services

You are getting very close to leaving high school. You need to learn all you can about having a job and finding a career. This, of course, is really important if you want to live more independently, travel, buy things, pay your bills, save for a car, or do anything else you want. To live independently you have to have money and money comes from working. DVR’s Transition Services can help put you on the right path for a successful future.

Photos of students and high school aged-children

The DVR Transition Services is a program for high school students which is implemented in all 19 public school districts (31 public high schools) as well as at alternative and private high schools. Each DVR office has staff focused on providing services for students who are going from high school to adult life. DVR transition services include activities for students that are designed to promote movement from school to post-school activities such as post-secondary education, vocational training, employment, continuing and adult education, adult services, independent living and community participation.

DVR transition services link high school students to adult services and employment. The focus is to ensure that high school students with disabilities are:

  • Connected to future career options & choices
  • Offered a variety of resources related to life after high school
  • Increasing their graduation rates
  • Obtaining jobs that meet their needs
  • Gaining independence as they move into adult life


Project SEARCH

Project SEARCH is a business-led, school-to-work program where high school transition students in their final year of the school participate in classroom activities and work experiences entirely at the workplace. The students acquire competitive, marketable and transferable skills to enable them to apply for positions relative to those learned during their internships. Students also build communication, teamwork and problem-solving skills which is important to their overall development as a young worker. The program in Delaware is based on a highly successful program that began in Cincinnati and has spread to numerous locations across the country.

Supported Education at the Delaware Technical & Community College (DTCC)

Supported Education is a program for students with disabilities who are beginning their first year of college. DVR and DTCC have joined to provide educational supports for transition students enrolled in remedial programs at each of DTCC’s four campuses. The purpose of the program is to increase community college attendance and success for students who start their college experience in remedial courses. Participation in the program is intended to assist recent Delaware high school graduates, usually 18 years old. The student must be working with a DVR Transition Counselor and have had an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) or other accommodations while in high school. Supported Education assists in achieving:

  • Movement to the next level of courses
  • Advancement to regular college coursework
  • Enrollment in a certificate program
  • Entry into a skills training program
  • Developing study and organizational skills
  • Employment consistent with an area of interest

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