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Steps to the Rehab Process

The following provides information regarding steps to the Rehab Process, or the Vocational Rehabilitation Process. DVR assists individuals with disabilities to go to work. In turn, the expectation is that you, as the job seeker, will gain employment by the end of this process. Our services are individualized to fit each participant’s needs during their job search. We look forward to helping you meet your employment goal.


Due to the pandemic, orientation is not currently being held.

At orientation, you will receive some forms that you will be asked to complete. Please see the attached form to view the required information. Your initial appointment to meet with your DVR Counselor will be scheduled at the orientation.

Only individuals who have not received services from DVR in the past are required to attend an orientation. If you feel you would not benefit from the group interaction, you may request an individualized orientation.

Please contact your local DVR office if you have any questions.

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The intake is a time for you and your DVR Counselor to get to know one another. You will meet to talk about your education, medical history, work history, and other experiences that are important to your success for future employment. You will also discuss your skills, interests, abilities, and even things you don’t like, or aren’t good at doing. Your rights and responsibilities as a participant in your DVR services will be explained.

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To be eligible for DVR services, you must meet these guidelines:

  • You must have a disability – such as a physical, mental or learning disability;
  • Your disability has an impact on your ability to get or keep a job; AND,
  • You must need our services in order to go to work successfully.

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Order of Selection

A Vocational Rehabilitation agency may enter an Order of Selection when the agency does not have the resources necessary to serve all eligible people. An Order of Selection ensures that people with the greatest need for vocational rehabilitation services receive the services first.

As of November 15, 2008, the Delaware Division of Vocational Rehabilitation entered an Order of Selection (OOS) process for all DVR job seekers.

For more information please see the Order of Selection section of the website.

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Notification of Eligibility

You will be notified of your eligibility status in writing.

If you are eligible for DVR services, your counselor will contact you to arrange a meeting to discuss the next step.

If you are not eligible for DVR services, your letter will inform you of other resources that may be available to you. If you disagree with the decision that you are not eligible, you may appeal the decision by viewing the appeal process brochure on our website.

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Your DVR counselor will conduct an assessment to determine your interests & abilities, in addition to your barriers to employment. Your counselor will gather information for the assessment by talking with you, reviewing existing records, and scheduling evaluations if necessary. This will help you to select an appropriate employment goal and identify the vocational rehabilitation services that are necessary.

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Individualized Plan for Employment Developed (IPE)

Once you have been determined eligible, and all information from your assessment has been evaluated, you and your DVR counselor will work together to develop your Individualized Plan for Employment (IPE). This plan will be tailored so that the programs and services necessary to reach your vocational goal are identified. You will be provided with information to pick the programs and services that will help you to achieve employment.

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Cost of Services Provided

Your counselor will explain DVR’s financial guidelines. Some DVR services are available without cost to you and will be paid for through various resources. In some cases, DVR may require your financial participation. If you receive SSI or SSDI benefits, there is no cost to you for any service.

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Ready for Work

During your planned services you and your DVR counselor will discuss your strategy for finding a job, in addition to any supports that you will need in the job search process. You and your counselor will discuss referral to the employment service that best suits your needs. This can include working with community employment partners, DVR’s in-house Employment Services Unit or having your counselor assist you in the job placement process. During this time you will finalize your resume, work on your employment readiness skills, and perfect your interviewing techniques.

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Employment Obtained

YOU’VE BEEN HIRED! Obtaining suitable employment is the goal that you and your counselor have been working toward from day one. If they are not aware, your DVR Counselor or Employment Specialist should be notified as soon as you obtain employment.

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Once you begin the job, it is very important that you stay in contact with your DVR Counselor or Employment Specialist for your first 90 days. They are available to make sure that your employment is a good match for your skills. They will also be available to answer your questions and help you solve any issues that may occur.

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Case Closed – Successful Employment

After 90 days of employment, you and your counselor will discuss your success and maintaining your job. Your counselor will explain case closure and the availability of post-employment services.

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Post Employment

Post Employment services are available to assist you when your case has been closed in successful employment but you find that additional services are needed to keep your job.

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If you have any general questions about the process, please contact your local DVR office.

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